The PsyClub is a group dedicated to Self-Knowledge, in which each member engages in the study and practice of initiatory science. Our path carries on the research of the hermetic-alchemical tradition, with a particular orientation towards therapeutics. Participation is free: the only requirements are daily practice and collaboration in the club's activities.

The PsyClub wants to be a concrete alternative to the overabundance of courses and schools that promise so much but give nothing, even though they often ask, and not a little. The Path to the Self, however, is not traversed by attending some course and does not serve to gain recognition or certificates, but is a path that is travelled with 'blood and sweat', sacrificed in daily practice. The alternatives are just mental wanking.

It is said that when the student is ready, the master arrives. However, this maxim is often taken too literally, whereas it also has other meanings. Read in a more esoteric ('inner') way, one could say that when the consciousness is ready, understanding comes. This also means, in other words, that high awareness is needed to understand high things.

The various 'spiritual' courses on the market, therefore, can be useful to provide some basic knowledge, to teach a technique, or little more. But it is not by attending courses or collecting certificates that one arrives at Wisdom. What is needed, instead, is daily practice, fellow travellers with whom to engage, and a guide who knows the Way and the Tradition.

We at the PsyClub are tired of the overabundance of hot air on the market, and so we have chosen another path, which is that of silence, discipline, devotion, sacrifice. By now we have realised that without this foundation there can be no inner growth.

We have also realised (and we are certainly not the first) that self-knowledge is not a purely subjective path, it does not depend on our choices or our tastes, but it is a path that leads to an objective knowledge of self and reality, and this is precisely why the Tradition speaks of - science - sacred. A knowledge that goes far beyond rational understanding (though not to the exclusion of it), and which therefore cannot be conveyed in words, but must be attained, precisely, through practice, experience, and the direct experimentation of elevated states of consciousness, physical-spiritual laws, symbols and mysteries.

A knowledge that is objective because it concerns natural and concrete phenomena, and not trivially the subject as 'personality', as 'psyche', as individual separate from the whole. And it is because of its objectivity that with the passage of time we have managed to develop a particular language, or symbolism, capable of guiding wayfarers in understanding this science. The same language that underlies the teaching of both the various initiatory traditions and the masters who have realised the Self. The same symbolism upon which even the most widespread religions have been built, despite the fact that these then go in the exact opposite direction to that of the initiatic tradition.

What many people don't like is precisely this objective character of sacred science: they believe they can approach a path of "inner growth" as they wish, according to their own convenience and fantasies, but with this attitude they do not take a single step, even though they delude themselves that they are running towards who knows where. And in fact then they achieve nothing, except to build their own 'truman show'. Not to mention that great stumbling block that is time, which in the consumerist society of all and sundry appears as pure utopia. You have to put it away: it takes years to go down this path, and there are no shortcuts. The sooner you start, the better.

But the worst fear, perhaps, is that of throwing one's time away on a path that provides no guarantees, a path that could cause us to lose years of precious life and then turn around and go back to where we were. And it must be said that, given the age that is as much new age as pseudo-initiative in which we live, this possibility is also very real. In the PsyClub, on the other hand, we only give you a year: if after a year of daily practice you haven't achieved the required results, either you leave or we throw you out. Taking the piss here is not contemplated: on the other hand, if you practise daily, following initiatory science, the results must be felt, and soon. Otherwise, most likely, it's all hooey.

In summary, we can say that the PsyClub is a meditation group, in which all members do - essentially - the same path, share the same language, confront each other in practice and collaborate in research. We are simultaneously warriors, mystics, shamans, artists and scientists. We are priests of Fire, children of Hermes, followers of Dionysus, travellers of the infinite worlds. We are individuals in search of the Self.

Participation in the club is free and open to anyone interested in joining us, the important thing is to respect the few and essential rules of the club, which are: 1) daily practice (individual, at home), 2) participation in online meetings and 3) collaboration in club activities: such as research, publications or translations (which you can find in the blog).

By joining the PsyClub you can get to the heart of the most profound teachings of the initiatory tradition through direct experience, and embark on a path of inner knowledge that will take you far beyond where many other paths, such as New Age schools or Freemasonry, can take you, and even faster, without getting trapped in either complicated symbolism or "obscure" eggregories.

Everything, however, is in your hands: if you do not pour 'blood and sweat' (metaphorically) through years of daily meditation, the emptiness you carry within you will remain exactly where it is: in your ignorance, understood in the traditional sense, that is, as separation from unity, from the absolute, from the Self.

The PsyClub, finally, is a very exclusive club: not because we like to be, but for the reasons already explained above. At the moment, at least thirty people have tried to join, but only one has completed the introductory part of the course and passed the first year of practice. All the others gave up much earlier, almost all without even taking the second step: they asked questions, asked for the first exercises, and then never heard back. And, as far as I'm concerned, there is little to be surprised about: to tackle the route requires an amount of willpower and discipline that many only delude themselves into thinking they have, and in fact they almost always fall at the first hole and never get up again.

If you would like to try it yourself, we ask you at least the kindness of not wasting our time: you can find the first exercises of our path in the blog, as well as the necessary indications to take the first steps in the practice (you can read the article "On the Initial Path - Part 1" and following). If you can practise the indicated exercises every day for the indicated time, for at least 40-50 days, you can contact us and join the club. If you can't, no problem: everyone has their own way.

To learn more about the PsyClub and our initiatory path, read the articles we have published in the blog, join our telegram group, or write to us.

Good luck.